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Our Mission

To provide high-quality image reflection products for both consumer and industrial applications, characterized by exceptional clarity and precision.

Our Vision

To become the leading manufacturer in the industry, providing visual image reflection products that meet and exceed the highest standards.

Our commitment to excellence drives us to continuously improve our products and services, and to foster long-lasting relationships with our clients and partners.


Our Commitment

We’re Kovann, a mirror manufacturer in Malaysia. We are committed to provide excellent quality product that exceed industry expectation through:-

  • Continually improving our production and business processes.
  • Meet and exceed industry specification/standard
  • Customer Focus
What do we produce?

Our main product type are Copper-free Silver Mirror & Aluminium Mirror

Copper-free Silver Mirror
  • High Reflectivity: 95-99% and Accurate Color Reflection
  • Perfect Resistance of Corrosion, Long Durability
  • Silver Plating Minimum Deposit 700mmg/m2
Aluminium Mirror
  • Vacuum Magnetron Sputtering Coating Technology
  • Double Paints for Protection
  • Competitive Price

Our Philosophy

Manufacturing Mirrors Better Than Ever Before

Quality over Quantity

Kovann Mirror Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian company that was founded on August 15, 2016, with a vision of revolutionizing the mirror production industry. With the impressive credentials of its founders, who are some of the most prominent figures in the glass industry, Kovann set out to establish a mirror production facility that could meet local demand and reduce reliance on overseas imports.

Creating Better Reflection Everyday

The company's ambition doesn't stop there. Kovann is poised to take the world by storm, with plans to export its products overseas utilizing the well-established marketing arm of EC Moulding (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd in the picture framing industry. The world has never seen anything like Kovann Mirror Sdn Bhd, and its impact is set to be felt far beyond the shores of Malaysia.

In a remarkable achievement, Kovann successfully rolled out its first production of Aluminum Mirrors on January 10, 2019, becoming the only mirror production facility then, operating in Malaysia. This milestone marks a significant shift in the industry, making Kovann the unrivaled leader in the Malaysian mirror production scene.

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Quality Over Quantity

Kovann manufacturing mirrors better than ever before.

Stringent Raw Material Inspection System

Internal laboratory with full equipment, every incoming batch of material are inspected to ensure quality of the material meeting the requirements.

Mirror Surface

Mirrors have to reflect images without any distortions or irregularity. Visual inspection is performed for outgoing Quality Assurance.

Chemical Test For Mirror

Silver Level Test, Alkali Resistance Soaking Test, Acid Resistance Soaking Test, Heat Water Test, CASS Test.

Performance Tests

NSS Test

GB/T 32025-2015 Section 7.11 & GB/T 1771-2007



MS1135:2020 Section 9.4



GB/T 32025-2015 Section 7.6 & GB/T 2680-2021 Section 5.2 and client’s requirement



CPSIA section 101(f)-Lead in paint/similar surface coating material.


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